King of Kings

With all the nuttiness on Biden and the deep state trying to steel the election, God sits on His throne. But God will do it.

This is just encouraging:

GREETINGS MY FACEBOOK FAMILY…JAIL COULD NOT HOLD ME FOR LONG….PLEASE SEE A POWERFUL DREAM I HAD LAST NIGHT…I share this dream as a matter of URGENCY….AS I BELIEVE THERE ARE POWERFUL PROPHETIC ASPECTS OF THE DREAM THAT REQUIRE IMMEDIATE WARFARE FOR THE PULLING DOWN OF DEMONIC THRONES OF DARKNESS IN THIS HOUR…Agree with me!!!! “JOKER BIDENS BALANCING ACT WITH THE QUEEN OF HEARTS KAMALA HARRIS AND THE STOLEN CROWN OF THE KING”…!!!Yes the title is a mouthful but it encapsulates the essence of the dream…BARE WITH ME…! So last night I was woken up by a sudden jolt where my heart was racing…but as I sat up in bed..,now fully awake I began to cry out to the Lord to reveal His heart to me concerning the Nations….and as I prayed fervently,..I heard the Father whisper…”If you ask Me for bread will I give you a stone?..,or if you ask Me for a fish will I give you a snake”?… as I heard the Fathers question…,I immediately answered “NO FATHER”…and a PEACE FILLED MY HEART…and I lay back down to sleep…and as I fell back to sleep I had a powerful dream…….Where I found myself standing in the midst of a massive CIRCUS TENT….and as I stood in this strange place in the dream…I could see large crowds of people sitting in the stands of the circus…the atmosphere in the dream was filled with a great expectancy…and I had a sense in the dream that I was about to watch something very significant unfold before me……Now as I stayed waiting and watching in the dream,…suddenly two bright spot-lights came on…flooding the circus arena with light…and as I looked up.., suddenly I saw in the distance what looked like a THRONE…A BEAUTIFUL GOLD THRONE WHICH WAS COVERED IN GLISTENING RED VELVET….and as I drew closer in the dream to the Throne,…I saw that both the arm rests and the thick legs and feet of the Throne looked like that of the ‘LEGS AND PAWS OF A LION’….and the four feet of the throne which looked like the four paws of a lion held four large balls,….which looked like the globe of the Earth…now by just looking at the Throne in the dream….,I could tangibly feel both the power and the authority that the Throne represented…and suddenly in that moment in the dream…I heard these words..,”THE THRONE OF THE LION KING”…,now as I heard those words,…suddenly I noticed another chair….which was brought to my attention in the dream…and as I looked at the other Chair, I saw that….it was a ‘THREE LEGGED STOOL’…(which looked almost like a high standing BAR STOOL)….now as I looked at this strange…THREE LEGGED STOOL,…I knew by revelation that this was also a ‘TYPE OF THRONE’….BUT as I drew closer to it,…I heard the words, “DEMONIC THRONE OF THE DARKNESS’…,now as I stepped even closer towards this strange looking throne,…I immediately noticed ‘A LARGE TRIANGULAR SHAPE ENGRAVED UPON THE SEAT OF THE THREE LEGGED STOOL AND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TRIANGLE WAS WITH AN EYE’,….and as I looked at the triangle and the eye,…I heard these words…”A LOVE TRIANGLE…AND THE EYE OF LEVIATHAN”…as those words echoed loudly in the Spirit realm,…I heard these words…”THE TRI-ANGLE OF OBAMA, BIDEN AND HARRIS”…and then again I heard, “A LOVE TRI-ANGLE AND THE EYE OF LEVIATHAN”…•••••Important Note: PLEASE KEEP IN MIND…I am NOT speaking OF FLESH AND BLOOD….BUT RATHER TO DEMONIC SPIRITS THAT ARE AT WORK THROUGH PEOPLE…! I believe here it is speaking prophetically to “A DEMONIC THREEFOLD CORD AT WORK”…I see the SPIRITS OF JEZEBEL, LEVIATHAN AND AHAB….More on this soon..! …Now I knew by revelation in the dream,…that what I was seeing was the ‘THRONE OF THE ONE WORLD ORDER’…AND THE ‘ALL SEEING EYE THAT WAS ENGRAVED UPON THE SEAT OF THE THREE LEGGED STOOL WAS THE EYE OF THE DRAGON’…!! …Now as I was standing looking and listening intently in the dream…suddenly the noisy crowd went completely SILENT…(and you could have heard a pin drop)…and suddenly the atmosphere in the dream shifted and a tangible sense of ‘THE FEAR OF THE LORD’ FILLED THE CIRCUS TENT..,now as I looked around about me to see what was happening,… suddenly,….I saw ‘A LARGE MALE LION WITH A DARK AND HEAVY MANE WALK SLOWLY INTO THE ARENA AND FOLLOWED CLOSELY BEHIND HIM WAS A MAN THAT WAS DRESSED IN A PURPLE ROBE AND HE HELD IN HIS HAND WHAT LOOKED LIKE A KINGLY SEPTRE……And I watched as the beautiful and majestic LION BEGAN TO WALK AROUND THE BORDERS OF THE ARENA…AND THE MAN THAT WAS DRESSED IN A KINGLY ROBE WALKED TOWARDS THE GOLD THRONE….Now as I stayed watching in the dream,…finding it hard to take my eyes off of the LION,….I could see that the EYES OF THE LION WERE FIXED UPON THE KING AS HE WENT AND STOOD BESIDE HIS THRONE….but as the King took his place at the Throne,….suddenly the crowd began to roar with laughter and I could hear the sound of children shouting,…when suddenly,….A JOKER/JESTER CAME ROLLING AND SUMMERSAULTING INTO THE CIRCUS ARENA…and as I looked at the Joker…I SAW TO MY ASTONISHMENT THAT IT WAS ‘JOE BIDEN’…and I heard these words, “JOKER BIDEN”…..and as I looked at him I saw that he was fully dressed in a strange green outfit with small bells on his shoes and bells on his hat…and as I looked again at the Joker,……I heard these words in the dream…”WATCH! FOR NOW THE JOKERS BALANCING ACT WITH THE QUEEN OF HEARTS AND THE STOLEN CROWN OF TRIUMPH WILL TAKE PLACE”…,now as those words seemed to penetrate my inner most being…I saw the JOKER LIFT UP A HEAVY GOLD CROWN INTO THE AIR FOR THE CROWD TO SEE…and as he lifted the crown,….the crowd went crazy…and I watched as the JOKER began to summersault and roll around the arena with the gold crown in his hands…and then the Joker began to run to and fro around the circus tent as if he was trying to find someone…(the crowd was still going crazy)…laughing and jeering and then I heard the crowd begin to shout out to the Joker…”WE WANT THE QUEEN OF HEARTS…WE WANT THE QUEEN OF HEARTS”…,(Now as this is all taking place, I could still see the ‘KING STANDING BEFORE HIS THRONE AND THE LION WAS STILL WATCHING THE KING,….AND WALKING AROUND THE BORDERS OF THE ARENA)…but then suddenly,……I SEE A WOMAN RUN INTO THE CIRCUS ARENA DRESSED LIKE A QUEEN,…WEARING A LONG WHITE DRESS AND SHE WAS WAVING HER HANDS TO THE CROWDS…and as I looked at her…,I saw that it was ‘KAMALA HARRIS’…and she had ‘TWO BIG RED HEARTS PAINTED UPON HER EYES AND ONE RED HEART PAINTED UPON HER MOUTH’…and I heard these words, “WATCH FOR KAMALA WILL SEEK TO STEAL THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE AS SHE WEARS THE STOLEN CROWN OF THE KING”…and as I looked at her she began to laugh and mock the King that was standing by His Throne…,and she began to mock him saying “LOOK A KING WITHOUT A CROWN, LOOK A KING WITHOUT A CROWN”..and as she shouted those words the crowds would roar with laughter and the Joker would hold up the stolen Crown in his hands….but then suddenly…,I watched as the Joker and the Queen of Hearts ran towards each other and the Joker handed the gold crown to the Queen of hearts and she proceeded to climb upon the Jokers shoulders and then I heard these words, “WATCH! FOR NOW THE BALANCING ACT WILL BEGIN FOR THOSE THAT SEEK TO TAKE THE THRONE”……As I heard those words,…I watched as the JOKER TRIED TO BALANCE THE QUEEN OF HEARTS UPON HIS SHOULDERS AND….THE QUEEN OF HEARTS TRIED TO BALANCE THE HEAVY GOLD CROWN UPON HER HEAD…( And I saw that in the midst of all the chaos that taking place the ‘KING REMAINED STANDING BEFORE HIS THRONE AND THE LION KEPT WALKING AROUND THE BORDERS OF THE ARENA)…….And I watched as the both the Joker and Queen tried desperately to gain and maintain their balance as they walking together around the arena,….but i watched as their movements became more and more challenging especially for the Joker as the long and heavy dress of the Queen kept falling down and covering the Jokers face,…the dress blinding him and hindering him from moving forward easily….I saw that the Jokers legs were quickly beginning to get weaker under the weight of the Queen and the heavy gold crown and they began to stagger across the floor of the arena,….but as I watched this strange and almost undignified balancing act take place……I saw the Joker and the Queen of hearts begin to make their way towards the THREE LEGGED STOOL/THRONE…and I knew by revelation that the objective/part of their Circus Act for the crowds,…was for the Joker and the Queen of hearts to both sit upon the Three legged Stool without falling and without dropping the stolen crown…and I listened as the crowds were screaming with delight as the Joker and the Queen of hearts began to make their way towards the Three legged stool…,now as they got closer and closer to the stool which was very high,….the crowds kept screaming as their anticipation grew more and more desperate for the Joker and the Queen to sit upon the Three legged throne……But in the dream as I looked at the high three legged stool,…. I knew that the Joker would have to navigate very carefully on how he was going to begin to mount the stool with the Queen upon his shoulders…and if they were going to be victorious in taking their seat upon the three legged throne…the Joker would have to be extremely careful not to drop the Queen and the Queen would have to be extremely careful not to drop the Stolen Crown…! …Now in the dream as I remained watching,…I saw the Joker and the Queen of hearts begin to climb up the tall three legged stool (ONE WORLD ORDER THRONE) and I noticed immediately that the stool was EXTREMELY UNSTABLE AND NOT VERY STRONG…the three legged stool had NO SUPPORT…there were NO ARMS RESTS AND NO BACKING ON THE CHAIR..,this was going to make it extremely difficult for the Joker to mount the stool with the Queen and the heavy gold crown balancing upon his shoulders …I could see that the weight of it all upon his shoulders was now really beginning to bear down upon him…but…….HA!!! I watched as the Queen of hearts began to beat down upon the head of the Joker as he struggled desperately to climb upon the stool…his legs shaking violently,… looking like at any moment his knees were going to buckle underneath the both of them…I saw the Queen of hearts beginning to panic all the while,….trying to desperately hold onto the stolen crown,…and the Joker looking more and more exhausted as he desperately tried to stay standing….THE CROWDS BEGAN TO SCREAM AND SHOUT LOUDER AND LOUDER FOR THE JOKER TO GET ON WITH THE CLIMB AND…THAT HE DARE NOT DROP THE QUEEN AND THE CROWN…but then suddenly……I watched as both the Joker and the Queen of hearts were able to mount the three legged stool after all their desperate efforts,…the Queen looked somewhat relieved and the Joker looked half dead…BUT!!!!,….no sooner had the Joker and the Queen who was still trying to balance the heavy crown upon her head begun to sit down upon the THREE LEGGED STOOL/THRONE….I SAW ONE OF THE LEGS OF THE STOOL SUDDENLY BREAK UNDERNEATH THEM…THE HEAVY WEIGHT OF THE JOKER AND THE QUEEN AND GOLD CROWN WAS TOO MUCH FOR THE THREE LEGGED STOOL…AND I WATCHED AS THE JOKER AND THE QUEEN FELL TO THE GROUND WITH A LOUD THUD…AND SUDDENLY THE SHOUTING, SCREAMING CROWDS WENT DEATHLY SILENT (you couldn’t hear a pin drop)…and then…,I SAW THE GOLD CROWN THAT HAD FALLEN TO THE GROUND BEGIN TO ROLL ACROSS THE FLOOR……And I watched and listened in the utter silence of the arena,….as the GOLD CROWN ROLLED RIGHT ACROSS THE FLOOR,…STOPPING AT THE FEET OF THE KING THAT WAS STILL STANDING BEFORE HIS THRONE…and then suddenly,….I saw the LION STOP AND HE LOOKED AT THE KING…AND THE KING LOOKED AT THE LION AND THEN HE BENT DOWN AND PICKED UP THE STOLEN CROWN THAT THE JOKER HAD TAKEN….AND I WATCHED AS THE KING PUT THE CROWN BACK UPON HIS OWN HEAD…and AS CROWN WAS LAID UPON THE KINGS HEAD,….SUDDENLY THE LION GAVE OUT THE LOUDEST OF ROARS THAT CAUSED THE GROUND BENEATH MY FEET TO SHAKE,…AND AS THE LION ROARED SO I WATCHED AS THE KING SAT DOWN UPON HIS THRONE…! Suddenly I WOKE UP…from the dream and I began to write down all I had seen and heard…!I DECREE; “THE POWER, FRAGILITY AND ILLEGITIMATE AUTHORITY OF THE ONE WHO SITS ON THE THRONE OF A ONE WORLD ORDER IS NO MATCH FOR THE POWER, STABILITY AND GOVERNMENTAL AUTHORITY OF THE ONE WHO SITS ON THE THRONE OF THE LION KING OF KINGS”…!!! Ps; PLEASE DONT ASK ME TO REPENT OR RECANT FROM WHAT I HAVE SHARED ABOVE…NOT NOW NOR LATER….!FOR I DO NOT KNOW HOW OR WHEN GOD WILL DO THESE THINGS THAT HE HAS REVEALED…BUT ONE THING I KNOW IS HE WILL DO WHAT MAN CANNOT DO….!!!LET US PRAY, TRUST AND WATCH FOR THE WONDER WORKING POWER OF THE GOD OF THE SUDDENLYS.

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