Jennifer and I got married this Friday at Fusion church in Greeley. God gave her the dream that we would be married, and it happened. He is faithful to His word. Praise God.

It was awesome. She is awesome. God is awesome. We had 30 folks or so there. It was intimate, and it was so special. God was certainly there. It’s a new beginning for both of us. We have seen much pain and walked our own journeys to where we are today. Jennifer is amazing. She loves absolutely better than any human alive. It is a rare thing. Our dear friend, Doug Burroughs did the service.

Jack Stein and Brandon Howard led worship. We had the gang pray and prophesy over us.

Power is a word I hear. Evangelism is a word I hear. Clare Foster gave us an extended word about a firetruck and Montrose. We are watering a very dry place. But, we are also bringing the fire. Montrose will never be the same. It is exciting to imagine what God might want to do. Another we got was passionate friends. Nice. We are that – friends first and then everything else came.

I just love my new bride. I cannot express all of the things that wanted to get in the way of us coming together. But, I told the devil last week that he had to watch us. Now, we are one. Ha! Take that!!!

We start a fast on November 5 for the fire. I believe the LORD has been talking to me about first love, grace and Holy Spirit. It is time for the old man to take my sins away, including drifting into a casual life. One can grow weary in well-doing. God, I need Your grace. I need Your presence. I ask for Your Spirit again. Please.

This time, it will be truly as one with my wife. She already is on fire and wants it all. It’s very different. I am excited. We WILL change history. God willing, this world will know us forever on earth and in heaven. My prayer is to make Jesus so famous because of our walking with Him. God, anoint us with the Holy Spirit and power, and let us destroy the works of the devil and go about doing good, and be with us!

I really look forward to what is next in the LORD with us.

I really look forward to what life is going to look like with a woman I love so much.

I bless you Jennifer Stein.

Wedding at Fusion Church, Greeley, CO
Reception at City Star Brewery, Berthoud, CO

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