The Prophetic

  1. Give all words
  2. 1 Thess 5
  3. Learn how to give words
  4. Learn how to receive and test the word; judge the fruit
  5. accountability and humility are keys
  6. accept correction and learn
  7. messes are ok, but learn to clean them up
  8. a bad word doesnt mean a false prophet
  9. fear is not the rule of the prophetic…do not hinder words
  10. yes to 1 cor 14:3 – learn the meaning of it
  11. submit to authority
  12. prophets visiion – the end game – therefore be patient in the process as others walk out what you see. know when to share the vision and when to hold it
  13. mentorship and fathering are key – elijah and elisha
  14. warfare – witchcraft, jezebel (elijah and john the baptist), idolatry, pride/lust/depression/death/discouragement/offense/abuse/rejection/false accusation/dishonor
  15. it’s a hard thing – character is the key to anointing, high cost to the prophetic, elisha’s double anointing cost others at first
  16. power of the tongue – learn the power, learn to speak life and bless
  17. honor – to others, for yourself, often doesnt come to you…need to get it from God
  18. offense – not your words, see ezekiel
  19. loners – eagles like to fly alone, but there is safety in the counsel of many…make sure that you are in a safe place, even if you fly alone
  20. 2 peter 1:20-21
  21. jeremiah 28 – jeremiah and hanniah – prophetic showdown, false prophet vs. pure
  22. 1 john on false prophets

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