Word on Fire Coming Back

This resonates with me.

Prophetess Vesna Pavlina I

JanltlnSiuapryga u10hon satt s9ts:uelol1oa7 oelrArmeMd  · This is PROPHETIC words from some one of you my beloved!! Today is the day to get your fire back. Today is the day to get a new perspective. The Creator of the universe has already set the completion date for the dream He’s placed in your heart. And, just because it has not happened yet does not mean that it is not going to happen. God has already lined up the right people, the right breaks, the right answers. EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS ALREADY IN YOUR FUTURE!! Now you have got to shake off the doubt; shake off the discouragement. Whether it’s been a year, five years or fifty years, what God promised you He still has every intention of bringing it to pass. KEEP STANDING, KEEP BELIEVING, KEEP HOPING AND KEEP MOVING FORWARD! GET YOUR FIRE BACK, and let Him fulfill every dream He has placed in your heart! Amen and amen.

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