Wrong thinking.

What else?

God’s working on stuff.

“We were designed for prayers to be answered”, Bill Johnson.

The frustration I have had is healthy. Some of the thinking may not be.

But, a life that abides in Christ thinks, acts and is like Christ. He is in me. Me in Him. LORD let it be so.

This is not duty. Stop thinking like that. GET TO!

I get to hang out with MY LORD!

I get to.

I get to.

I get to.

Persist in prayer. Release heaven’s atmosphere. Yes.

Chase the anointing. Yes.

He who dwells in me. Yes.

But, I get to hang with Jesus. I get to fellowship with Holy Spirit. I get to dwell in teh secret place of the Most High God.

I get to becasue He so loved.

God, I need to know.

Stopping drinking may have had some disobedience to it – some idolatry.

But, what if it is necessary in order to fulfill all that is in my heart?

What if God’s desire is so much greater than my desire in the power ministry?

What if all that requires me to give some things up so that it can truly happen?

You would gladly do it.

I plan on drinking with Jack when we go camping. I will not drink here. I belelive that the LORD wants something great fo rmy life, and it takes participating in it.

He knows best. So do waht He says. It will only benefit me.

LORD, dont let me make a mistake in this area. Please.

But purge me of all religious thinking.

The mountain of God is a seeping volcano right now.

I can have fellowship with You.

I dont have to.

You want me to succeed in ministry mroe than I do.

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