The Quarter

I washed my truck yesterday. It was nasty. 

And I wanted to vacuum it but only had two quarters rather than three. 

So I let that go and moved to the wash where I could use my card. But I prayed. I told God how His word says He supplies all our needs in His glorious riches in Christ Jesus. 

I walked around the truck praying. 

The next thing I know some dude walks up to me and puts a quarter in my machine. I tell him he doesn’t need to do that and that I laid by card. 

He asked if I will fill up a bucket he has with water. I said sure. 

Afterwards I asked him if he had a quarter for twenty five cents. 

He handed me a quarter and told me to just take it. 

Ha the Lord heard me. It’s been quite a while since I saw God move on me like that. 

It made my heart happy. 

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